Refereed Journal Publications

  1. Sun C.S., Pei X., Hao J., Zhang Z., S. C. Wong. Accident Impacts on Urban Traffic Mobility in Concern of Road Network Features, submitted to Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 2nd round review, 2018.

Papers in Conference

  1. Sun C.S., Hao J., Pei X., et al. A data-driven approach for the duration evaluation of accidents impact on urban intersection traffic flow, Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (IEEE ITSC 2016), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016. Participant of an NSF China Project.

Other Journal or Newspaper Publications

  1. Sun C.S., Wan J., Liu S. Analysis and survey of the upsurge of big data, Studies in Dialectics of Nature (in Chinese), 31-36, 31(09), 2015.
  2. Sun C.S., Jin Z., Liu S., et al. Design of a better linearity triangle wave generator based on Howland, Chinese Journal of Electron Devices (in Chinese), 560-564, 37(03), 2014. Principal Investigator with Research Grant from MOE and Sichuan University, 4660 USD.
  3. Sun C.S.  An essay on the People’s Daily (人民日报), 2015.

Conference and Talks

  • December, 2016. Invited Speaker. Central South University. Title: “Accident Impacts on Traffic Safety and Mobility”, Changsha, China.
  • November, 2016. Conference Presentation. 2016 INFORMS Annual Meeting. Title: “Investigation of the Associations between Accident Impacts and Network Features”, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
  • November, 2016. Conference Presentation. 2016 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference. Title: “Data-driven Methods of Accident Impacts Estimation and Evaluation”, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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